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My role

Content Manager

Project Date

2019 - present

I work at C14torce, a creative agency owned by DDB, as part of a team of seven people: a project manager and six content managers. We are also in constant contact with the QA testers and account executives. At first sight, building web pages and uploading and managing content using a CMS seems simple, but managing four huge websites using a complex system such as Adobe Experience Manager is a demanding job.

Apart from creating and updating web pages and managing all the content, we have to make sure that everything is up to the standards in terms of UI/UX, copywriting, etc. When we create or modify a page, we check for errors, such as extremely long copies that disappear in small screens, and suggest changes. It's a job that requires design, UX, copywriting, coding, and QA knowledge… and resistance to stress.

Content Management check for errors.
Adobe Experience Manager.