Translation for Magazines


Grupo Z, MC Ediciones, IDG Communications, Grupo V

My role


Project Date

1999 - 2019

I started translating for tech magazines when I was very young. At that time —the dot-com bubble—, in Spain it was difficult to find freelancers who could translate and were also familiar with Photoshop, digital video, IT, etc., so I was a bit of a 'unicorn'. I translated a variety of subjects, from graphic design, photography, and video to digital business, security, and AI. Some of the texts were technical, such as tutorials and analysis, other were journalistic.

I translated a high volume of articles each month, so I learned a lot about translation, edition, and time management. It was also enriching in terms of knowledge about design and technology. Even my educational background is in digital media, I learned new concepts and techniques each month.

Magazines: Arte y Diseño, Todo 3D, Digitalfoto, Digital Video, Digital Camera, Photoshop Fácil, Exprime tu Mac, ComputerWorld.

Languages: English > Spanish.

Translating using InDesign.
Translating using Word.