Translation and Localisation for the Reina Sofía Museum


Reina Sofía Museum

My role

Translator & Localiser

Project Date

2012 - 2018

The story about how I started to work for the Reina Sofía Museum speaks a lot about chance. Someone who works there saw a post that I'd written about an unknown artist, they loved his work and asked him for a sound art piece. They also saw that I was a translator, so when the artist finished his piece, they asked me to translate his text about it.

I'm an artist and I love contemporary art, so this was a dream job. I translated for them texts about art pieces and artists, articles about theory and philosophy, interviews, and subtitles for videos. I also localised some parts of the website into Galician: menus, buttons, etc. Unfortunately, after a few years of collaboration, the budget cuts in art and culture forced them to let go freelance translators.

Languages: English > Spanish/Galician - Spanish > English.

Translation of cookies.
Translation for subtitles.