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2008 - present

I worked as a part-time blogger for three years and I collaborate as a freelance writer with several blogs. My work as a staff writer was for a technology blog and for a film blog. It was hard because I had to write 4-5 articles each day, in just four hours! When I collaborate as a freelancer I can dedicate more time and effort to what I'm writing. I have also some personal blogs, one of them about UX Writing: lauxcritora.

Writing for blogs is not only about writing, you have to be aware of the news, SEO, generate interesting ideas, search for images, upload the contents… Writing a good post and publishing it, even if it's short, takes time. I love writing for blogs, but not in 10 minutes.

Blogs: Mediateletipos, Caninomag, Cine Divergente, Magnet Xataka, UX Collective, Prototypr.