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Versión Original, Suite, Transversal, Arte y Diseño, H.U.L. Ediciones

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1999 - 2015

I've always loved writing and I started writing for music and film magazines and fanzines when I was a teenager. My professional life as a writer started a bit later, writing about music, films, and contemporary culture for several Spanish printed magazines. I've written reviews, opinion articles, interviews, and other genres.

A lot of these writings were about subjects that I know and love, but I've written also for assignments in which I didn't choose the subject. That's a challenge, especially the first time that I had to write an interview. They were three people talking about free radio, I was young and I didn't have a recorder, so all was based on my notes. Luckily, they love it.

Magazines: Versión Original, Monográfico, Suite, Transversal, Arte y Diseño, Revers Magazine, Folloneras, Détour.